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Spanish and French Curriculum
Spanish Grammar
Español (Spanish Grammar) is an additional course option for English-Spanish bilingual schools and families who desire that their children acquire or retain the essential grammatical elements of their native language.
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Spanish Forms       
Congratulations Slip (Item #209367)
Corrective Action Notice (Item #209313)
Homework Assignment Form (Item #209312)
Progress Report (Item #209316)
French Curriculum
The French curriculum is an additional course option for English-French bilingual schools and families who desire that their children acquire essential reading skills in French.
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English as a Second Language (ESL)
Procedures Manual II – Reading Programs (Item #75926) is invaluable when offering English as a second language programs. The ESL section contains information on diagnosing students, making academic projections for transfer students, and implementing Learning Center procedures to maximize assimilation and efficiency. Two ESL programs are available for children and adults.
  • Speaking English with Ace and Christi—program for speaking and understanding conversational English for school-aged children
  • English As Your Second Language—program for learning to speak, read, and write English for older students and adults
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Note: Spanish and French training materials, including manuals, are also available.
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