Accelerated Christian Education

2013 ISC Information Booklets

2013 ISC Updates

  • ISC Emergency Phone Number: 866-882-3747 (Active May 20-30)
  • Campus Map (PDF)
  • His Servants 24/7 Application (PDF)
  • Scripture Video Passage: I Samuel 3:1–20
  • Bible Bowl questions will cover Numbers, Ezra, Ecclesiastes, II Kings, Habakkuk, Hosea, John,
    I Corinthians, Philemon, I Peter, and III John.
  • The Scripture passage for Group Bible Speaking is to be chosen from the following list.
    • II Timothy 3:16–4:18
    • Genesis 6:12–7:9
    • Acts 27:1, 9–26, 40-44
    • Jonah 1:1–2:10
    • Matthew 5:38–6:16
    • Psalm 107:21–43
    • Luke 8:22–26, 40–56
    • Psalms 148, 149 and 150
  • Early Entry Submission
    • Early entry events must be postmarked and submitted to A.C.E. by April 15, 2013. This deadline applies to all Regional Student Conventions including those scheduled after
      April 15, 2013.
      Entries will be judged prior to International Student Convention, and winners must be present to receive their medals (i.e., if the third-place winner in Essay Writing is not present, his/her name will be removed from the winners’ list and the subsequent winners will move up.)
    • Early entry events require three (3) copies of written entry, each copy is to be inserted in a separate, gallon-sized, clear zippered plastic bag with the student’s name, school name, school customer number, school address, and school telephone number clearly visible on the front of EACH copy.
  • CF 20 Judge’s Form for Social Studies Exhibit clarification. Area of Evaluation—Thoroughness: “Presentation” has been changed to Research documented and “Information” has been changed to Cited sources used.


Complete ISC Guidelines (PDF) Updated 4-5-13

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