2014 Regional Student Conventions U.S.A.

March 24-28

Facility: The Wilds

Location: Rosman, North Carolina

Coordinator: Joe Johnson

Email: joe.johnson@aceministries.com

Phone: 615-887-6446

March 3-7

Facility: Texas Baptist Encampment

Location: Palacios, Texas

Coordinator: Emory D. Thompson

Email: edthompson7@att.net

Phone: 281-753-5652

March 3-7

Facility: Avery Trace Middle School

Location: Cookeville, Tennessee

Coordinator: Emory Thompson, Jr.

Email: emorydthompson@gmail.com

Phone: 931-254-9557

April 8-11

Facility: South Georgia Youth Camp

Location: Tifton, Georgia

Coordinator: Jimmy Burt

Email: deepsouth@lbcministry.org

Phone: 229-244-8436

March 17-21

Facility: New Mexico Tech

Location: Socorro, New Mexico

Coordinator: John Boggs

Email: pastorboggs@riograndebaptist.org

Phone: 505-877-0535

May 6-9

Facility: Adrian College

Location: Adrian, Michigan

Coordinator: Dennis Joslin

Email: dennis.joslin@aceministries.com

Phone: 615-887-6089

April 22-25

Facility: Tuscarora Conference Center

Location: Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania

Coordinator: Brian Fox

Email: bjfox12@verizon.net

Phone: 484-529-8743

March 24-27

Facility: Camp Garaywa

Location: Clinton, Mississippi

Coordinator: Mike Sauvageot

Email: mlsauvageot@hotmail.com

Phone: 662-842-4617

April 21-24

Facility: Camp-of-the-Woods

Location: Speculator, New York

Coordinator: Adam Rondeau

Email: scaprincipal@verizon.net

Phone: 774-329-3039

March 25-28

Facility: George Fox University

Location: Newberg, Oregon

Coordinator: Jeremy Wallace

Email: jeremywallace76@gmail.com

Phone: 530-710-8772

March 18-21

Facility: Baptist Bible College

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Coordinator: Gary Loomis

Email: gary.loomis@aceministries.com

Phone: 615-887-6068

March 17-21

Facility: California Baptist University

Location: Riverside, California

Coordinator: Philip Raya

Email: philip.raya@aceministries.com

Phone: 615-887-6179

March 11-14

Facility: Western Illinois University

Location: Macomb, Illinois

Coordinator: Forrest Walker

Email: forrest.walker@aceministries.com

Phone: 615-887-6197

April 7-11

Facility: Mt. Lebanon Baptist Encampment

Location: Cedar Hill, Texas

Coordinator: Truong Ly

Email: truongly.gca@verizon.net

Phone: 214-697-2395

April 21-25

Facility: Word of Life

Location: Hudson, Florida

Coordinator: Timothy Smith

Email: tim.smith@aceministries.com

Phone: 615-479-9623

April 23-25

Facility: Northland Bible Baptist/Granite City Baptist Churches

Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota

Coordinator: David Gerhardt

Email: pastordpg@aol.com

Phone: 615-887-8292

April 8-11

Facility: Appalachian Bible College

Location: Bradley, West Virginia

Coordinator: Gary Stoots

Email: glstoots@embarqmail.com

Phone: 434-315-4836

March 25-28

Facility: University of Wisconsin

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Coordinator: Richard Clayton

Email: WIstudentconvention@yahoo.com

Phone: 920-235-5400