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Version 3 Homeschool Edition offers a full-year curriculum and alternate paths of study. The full-year lesson plan is intended to guide a student through one level of a language in a scholastic year. With the alternate paths of study, there are 11 different paths to choose from based on the student's learning objectives.

Version 3 Homeschool Edition also offers Parent Administration Tools to assist parents in lesson planning, viewing student progress, and generating reports. The reporting tool gives parents the ability to view, print, and export student results for exercises the student has completed, current lesson progress, scores achieved on exercises, and time spent learning.

With each Version 3 Homeschool Edition language level purchased, activation of the license is required. Activation may be done through the Internet or by phone. Separate activation is required to "unlock" the homeschool administrative functions of the program. Both activation codes are included with each Version 3 product, which may be activated on 2 computers in the home.

Each Version 3 Homeschool Edition language level purchased includes these items: Parent's Guide, headset with microphone, keyboard stickers, Application CD, Language CD, Installation Guide, and Illustrated User's Guide

Version 3 (V3) Courses
1 Credit Per Level

Please refer to the Language Library for a list of available courses.

  • New Level 1 V3 (1 credit) Build a Foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Students will gain the confidence to master basic conversational skills including greetings and introductions. Level 1 also includes colors, adjectives, numbers, prepositions, definite and indefinite articles, singular and plural nouns, family relations, the five senses, and time of day.
  • New Level 2 V3 (1 credit) Navigate your surroundings while building on the vocabulary and essential language structure learned in Level 1. Students will learn to talk about their environment such as giving and getting directions, using transportation, telling time, dining out, enjoying basic social interactions, and much more. Level 2 also includes verb tenses, adverbs, formal imperatives, school subjects, months of the year, and emotions.
  • New Level 3 V3 (1 credit) Connect with the world around you by building on the language fundamentals and conversational skills you developed in Levels 1 and 2. Students will learn to share ideas and opinions, express feelings, and talk about everyday life, interests, work, current events, and much more. Level 3 also includes household items, physical activity, animals, possessive pronouns, present subjunctive, present perfect, weights, and measurements.
  • New Levels 4 and 5 V3 (where applicable, 1 credit each) Refine crucial communication skills, and make full use of everything you learned in the previous levels. Develop your command of the language with accelerated vocabulary, advanced grammar and sentences, and more real-life conversations.

The assigning of credits has changed for Version 3 products. For each level of Version 3 language courses completed, the student is awarded 1 credit. This is a change from Version 2 where each completed level is awarded 2 credits.

Rosetta Stone products are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow additional time for delivery.

While Rosetta Stone materials represent the highest quality academics, they were not written under A.C.E. development guidelines and may include some content inconsistent with A.C.E. standards. In particular, Rosetta Stone uses real life images to teach language in a natural context. These images include girls and boys in shorts, women in short sleeves and skirts above the knees, mixed swimming in bathing suits, etc.

Site Licenses
Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition
is licensed for use solely by the original purchasing family. Version 3 products may be activated on 2 computers in the home.

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