Accelerated Christian Education

Stanford 10 Test Administrator Credentials

Test administrators of the Stanford Achievement Test: Tenth Edition must meet two requirements.
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First Requirement*

Have a four-year college degree (B.S. or B.A.) in any discipline; or
Have a pastoral degree, license, or ordination in the case of a pastor-led Christian school; or
Have completed Accelerated Christian Education’s Administrators’ or Supervisors’ Training

Second Requirement*

Fulfill one of the following training obligations:

Current certification as a teacher in any state and experience in administering standardized achievement tests; or

At least one full year’s experience as a classroom teacher in a traditional school setting or learning center (should include experience administering standardized tests); or

A signed affidavit from the A.C.E. Stanford 10 Coordinator upon completion of A.C.E’s online training video. Contact the A.C.E. Stanford 10 Coordinator at


The information I have stated is true and accurate.*

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