Accelerated Christian Education

On the surface, most schools look alikeā€”buildings, personnel, curriculum, and budgets. The A.C.E. program is different. For over 40 years, it has been the trendsetter in Biblical educational reform. Its philosophy is built on basic principles of the Word of God. Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character. Accelerated Christian Education® is not just a publisher but a comprehensive Bible-based program that serves both the campus-based school and the homeschool.

Click on each of the links below to learn the distinctives that set the A.C.E. curriculum apart.

Leadership Training is a key element to the success of the A.C.E. program. Training sessions are conducted offering instruction in Biblical educational philosophy, administration guidelines, and school operation using A.C.E.’s innovative curriculum and methods. You will appreciate that A.C.E. has already done the work for you, from designing the program to designing the Learning Center Setup.

Administrators’ Professional Training

The purpose of this week is for the pastor/administrator to obtain necessary instruction for opening and operating a school. You will also find encouragement and inspiration to meet your calling as a Christian educator. Since A.C.E. reflects a philosophy of education dissimilar to the conventional system, you will appreciate this Leadership Training opportunity to learn the Biblical principles on which A.C.E. is designed.

Supervisors’ Professional Training

The purpose of this training module is to give key Learning Center staff complete training in the methods relating to A.C.E.’s educational philosophy of individualized learning. Staff will be enlightened and engaged in a full week of intense Leadership Training.

Christian Educators’ Conventions

In-service sessions for pastors, school administrators, and school staff members provide further training in A.C.E.’s educational methodology and philosophy. These meetings occur in over 65 locations worldwide. New educational insights provide thousands of attendees an opportunity to update professional skills and exchange ideas with other educators. Attend the workshops of your choice based on relevant topics and motivating speakers. You will be inspired to do more educationally for your students—and for our Lord Jesus Christ.