Accelerated Christian Education
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Are you getting the most out of your Accelerator?
  • Read how the A.C.E. program had an influence on a young woman who now serves with A.C.E. Mexico.
  • Learn about the many ways a Ministry Representative can assist your school.
  • Share with your students the date and location for the 2017 Service Adventure as well as testimonies from previous trips.
  • Get tips on how to help students with difficult math and science courses.
  • Help the BLESS program reach even more indigent children with the Gospel this year.
  • Discover the new Accelerated College of the Bible International (ACBI).
  • See blessings of God’s hand through the Thailand Service Adventure and a school in El Salvador.
  • Help your students see how they may be used by God after graduation through the Educational Assistance program.
  • Show the families in your school how they can encourage academic success and character through the power of praise.
  • Order new 6th level Bible Reading PACEs.
  • Glean nuggets of wisdom—“Character Counts.”

Encourage your entire school staff to sign up here to receive the eAccelerator online, or use the Staff Distribution checklist on the back of the paper Accelerator to keep your staff updated.

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