Accelerated Christian Education
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ISC 2017

Opportunities to Serve at ISC!
Be an ISC Judge
Applications are currently being accepted for ISC judges. How can you help?
  • Assign at least one sponsor to help judge. If every school in attendance did so, all judging needs would be met. As a team, we can make the dream work.
  • Be an example to your students by being a servant leader.
  • Complete the Judge’s Application Form or contact the Judges’ Coordinator with questions.
His Servants 24/7 Website
Recruit His Servants 24/7 Squad Members
The purpose of the 24/7 Squad is to influence others to live for Christ by assisting the Student Convention leadership with any task asked of them. Squad members are graduates or students who can no longer participate in competition but who still want to be a part of ISC by serving.

If you know individuals who would like to be a blessing to others, encourage them to apply now to be Squad members for the 2017 ISC.

A.C.E. Student Conventions
Where else can one week last a lifetime?

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Thank you for training your staff and students to be dependable by your example and willingness to serve others.

Dependable—Being worthy of trust by doing what I said I would do even if it means self-denial. O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called. I Timothy 6:20