Accelerated Christian Education
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Are you getting the most out of your Accelerator?
  • Hear how the A.C.E. program is reaching souls for Christ in Honduras.
  • Learn about the steps your school should take to prepare for Regional and International Student Conventions.
  • Discover the building blocks of the relationship between schools and A.C.E.
  • See how achieving Model Status or Quality Status can help your school meet its goals.
  • Remind the parents in your school about the importance of setting high standards for Christian education with the Parent AcceleGRAM.
  • Study how being steadfast can help us accomplish God’s will in Character Counts.
  • Get more information on Accelerated Christian Education Ministries’ new distance-learning college program—Accelerated College of the Bible International (ACBI).
  • Help your students be a blessing to other children around the world through the BLESS program.
  • Follow the Graduation Checklist to ensure proper preparations prior to graduation.
  • Learn about some of the challenges associated with A.C.E.’s transition to a new database system.
  • Download the new School Price Guide from A.C.E.’s Web site.
  • Order Iowa Assessments™ standardized testing materials before the deadline.

Encourage your entire school staff to sign up here to receive the eAccelerator online, or use the Staff Distribution checklist on the back of the paper Accelerator to keep your staff updated.

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