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Positions Desired: Administrator, Principal, Supervisor

Personal Contact Information

Name: Heath McDowell


Email: heathmcdowell@yahoo.com

Experience in Schools Using the A.C.E. Curriculum Program

Monitor: 1.5 Year(s)

Supervisor: 2 Year(s)

Principal/Administrator: 1.5 Year(s)


Administrators’ Training: 2013


Current Location: Georgia

Willing to Relocate? Yes

Desires to Serve in the Following Region: I have been involved with schools that utilize the A.C.E. program for many years, as a student (K-Level 12) and as a staff member. I have also worked with schools in China. I truly believe in the A.C.E. system and would like to continue to work within the program. I am willing to move to any state or even to another country.

Post Date: August 16, 2013

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Please contact Heath McDowell directly for more information.