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4th Edition Old Testament Survey

Now Available—4th Edition Old Testament Survey 1109–1111! The first three PACEs and the corresponding Score Key are now available to order. The rest of the course will be released over the next 8 to 9 months in increments of three PACEs plus the Score Key.

Peek inside the new PACEs!

Recommended for Level 10, these full-color 48-page PACEs have been updated and redesigned, emphasizing the reading and memorization of Scripture. The first page of each Old Testament Survey PACE features the main characters, who help students realize these are not fables but real people who God used as illustrations of His grace and love. 

What You’ll Find Inside:

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Old Testament Survey PACEs, Item #4044109–4044111
Old Testament Survey Score Key, Item #4044309

Note: This new 4th Edition course is not compatible with the previous Old Testament Survey course.