More Than a PACE
More Than a PACE


Are you using the full A.C.E. curriculum and program?

A.C.E. is more than a PACE, it’s a program. A.C.E. incorporates six student programs that allow students and graduates of all ages to get involved. An educational journey is not only about receiving knowledge but life experience as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Through the student programs, children have the opportunity to become well-rounded leaders.

BLESS children

BLESS (5+)

BLESS is an outreach program that assists underprivileged children in the Philippines and India. In many cases, BLESS is the only opportunity for these children to be introduced to Jesus Christ. Through these PACEs, students learn how to read and comprehend simple math. BLESS not only helps those in third world countries, but helps students see the importance of having compassion and a giving heart towards others.

Singing group at convention

Regional and International Student Convention (13 - 19)

Regional and International Student Conventions offer safe Christian environments for students to compete and learn how to showcase their God-given talents to glorify Him. In addition to the competitions, students also begin to build strong friendships with others who use the A.C.E. curriculum and program. Lastly, students experience evening rallies that challenge them to look deeper into their relationship with the Lord and call them to a lifetime commitment to serving God.

puppet group at service adventure

Service Adventure (16+)

Service Adventure is a two-week mission trip that encourages students to step out of their comfort zone as they work in teams to service schools in need that are using the A.C.E. curriculum. Through this short-term mission trip, participants will learn how to work together as they are learning scripture, building student offices, and leading children to Christ.

educational assistant

Educational Assistance (18+)

As high school seniors are about to graduate, many ask, “what do I do now?” Some hear the call to become a missionary. Educational Assistance provides a way for graduates to service schools in need around the world. Whether the commitment is six months or more, one Educational Assistant can make a difference.

24/7 squad members

24/7 Squad (18+)

Many graduates still want to attend ISC after they are no longer eligible to compete. The 24/7 program provides them the opportunity to experience ISC in a whole new way! 24/7 squad members assist behind the scenes with everything possible to help make ISC happen.

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