New Items for Sale!
New Items for Sale!


Stock up with the newest releases on the A.C.E. web store! These new items make great gifts for family and staff, motivational rewards for students, and educational aids. View the items below, and click "Shop Now" to purchase on the A.C.E. web store.


crayon set

Crayon Set

Retractable gel crayon set of 6 with case
Item: 735001

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four pencil sharpeners of different color

Pencil Sharpener with Feet

Red, orange, purple, or green sharpener
Items: 735027, 735028, 735029, and 735030

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green pouch with pencils

Pouch with Pencil Set

Green pouch with ten character trait pencils
Item: 735052

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blue character counts pen

Contour Pen

Character Counts pen with black ink and A.C.E. characters
Item: 735069

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red character counts pen

Red Pen

Character Counts Bic pen with red ink
Item: 735074

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blue mechanical pencil

Stay Sharp Pencil

Blue mechanical pencil with 0.5mm lead and A.C.E. logo
Item: 735070

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blue and white eraser sticks

Eraser Stick

Blue or white wide-body eraser stick
Items: 735066 and 735067

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Notebooks - Journals

red and blue notebooks

Wire Bound Notebook with Tabs

White, red, black, or blue notebook with plastic cover and 5 tab dividers (approx. 7 x 8 inches)
Items: 735014, 735015, 735072, 735073

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Character Counts

four cups with lids and straws

Cup Set

Set of four 12 oz cups with lids and straws (BPA free)
Item: 735008

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magnetic board with magnets

Magnetic Board

Double-sided foldable magnetic board with 63 magnets. Learn more.
Items: 735065

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Zippered Pouch

Red, green, or blue pouch with two zippered pockets
Items: 735016, 735017, 735051

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four rulers


Red, blue, purple, or pink ruler
Items: 735023, 735024, 735025, and 735026

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Character Traits

character counts devotional book

Character Counts

Devotional study of 90 Character Traits of Christ
Item: 735054

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bookmark with the list of character traits


Bookmark with 90 Character Traits of Christ
Item: 735002

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flashcard set with box


Cards with 90 Character Traits of Christ, including definitions and Bible verses
Item: 735053

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black cap

Ball Cap, Red Trim

Black cap with red embroidery
Item: 735003

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blue cap

Ball Cap, White Trim

Blue or gray cap with white embroidery
Items: 735004, 735007

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ladies' blue polo shirts

Ladies' Polo Shirt

Ladies' blue polo shirt with white embroidery (S-XXL)
Items: 735055, 735056, 735057, 735058, and 735059

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men's blue polo shirts

Men's Polo Shirt

Men's blue polo shirt with white embroidery (S-XXL)
Items: 735060, 735061, 735062, 735062, and 735064

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tote of different colors

Conference Tote

Turquoise, blue, red, green, or black polyester canvas tote (15 x 13 x 4 inches)
Items: 735031, 735032, 735033, 735034, and 735035

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blue backpack


Gray, black, or blue polyester backpack with pockets (13 x 17 x 8 inches)
Items: 735036 and 735037

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gray duffle totes

Sport Duffle Tote

Gray duffle tote with red, blue, or gray trim and adjustable shoulder strap
Items: 735039

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Lunch Totes

lunch totes with A.C.E. logo

A.C.E. Lunch Tote

Teal, red, or blue tote with thermal foil interior (9 x 6 x 8 inches)
Items: 735042, 735043, and 735044

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lunch totes with character counts image

Character Counts Lunch Tote

Teal, lime, blue, or dark blue tote with thermal foil interior (9 x 6 x 8 inches)
Items: 735047, 735048, 735049, and 735050

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lunch tote with ACE your education image

ACE Your Education Lunch Tote

Red or blue tote with thermal foil interior (9 x 6 x 8 inches)
Items: 735045 and 735046

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cell phone fans

Cell Phone Fan

Red or blue 2-in-1 cell phone fan with 2 types of USB connectors.
Items: 735009 and 735010

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small coin pouches

Small Zippered Pouch

Purple, green, pink, blue, or red canvas coin pouch
Items: 735018, 735019, 735020, 735021, and 735022

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stress ball that looks like the globe

Globe Stress Ball

Globe-shaped ball with A.C.E. logo
Item: 735068

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