Secrets of Dynamic Storytelling

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Secrets of Dynamic Storytelling

Storytelling is a practical, exciting ability. Everyone has the potential to become a good storyteller!


Storytelling is a very important part of ministry to children! With a few suggestions and a little practice, we can learn to tell stories that will keep children on the edges of their seats.

Regardless of your method of presentation, familiarize yourself with the basic storyline and the personalities of the characters.

Children learn through listening. Therefore, it is vital for children to learn listening skills. The A.C.E. Kindergarten program offers plenty of opportunities for children to listen. Children’s ears are constantly receiving the sensation of sounds. Much of their learning will be done through listening to stories. However, children at school will not listen very long to stories that are dull or lifeless. Supervisors, learn to prepare and to tell stories that will hold the children’s attention.

Before each day begins (or preferably before the week begins), become familiar with the stories included in each day’s activities in the Kingergarten program. Because children tend to remember stories, much of the academic and spiritual content is found there. You will understand the importance of presenting the stories in an interesting and exciting manner once you see the impact on your students.