Bulletin Board Tips
Bulletin Board Tips


Bulletin boards are an excellent means of communicating a message and greatly enhancing the décor of the Learning Center.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Each board should be built around a single theme, and the title should be simple and short. Use bright colors and large figures, being careful to avoid a crowded appearance. Frequently change the entire board or part of the board—monthly is recommended.
  • Display a world map on a wall in the Learning Center. Each week give clues on the bulletin board about a particular country and ask students to identify the country on the map. This will broaden student knowledge of geography and stimulate student consciousness toward world service. Facial and cultural photographs could be posted as hints. You may want to present awards to students who successfully identify the “mystery” country.
  • Colored yarn is very effective for use as borders, framing, and visually tying together various items on bulletin boards.
  • Consider covering your entire board with cloth (such as colored burlap). Dark blue, purple, or burgundy are good background colors.
  • Carefully store bulletin board materials so that they may be reused. 
sample bulletin board: buzzing with a good attitude
sample bulletin board: time for s'more reading

Sources for Materials:

  • Local school supply stores
  • Art supply stores (art print selections)
  • Military recruiting stations
  • Department, variety, and grocery stores (don’t be afraid to ask for displays)
  • Drugstores (camera department and displays)
  • Missionaries (items peculiar to a nation, such as baskets, clothing, or pictures)
  • Students (Give them a project and let them be responsible for gathering the materials.)


  • Holidays/Seasons of the year
  • Missionary emphasis (map; items from a foreign country)
  • Flags mounted
  • Patriotic figures
  • Physical fitness (nutrition and health)
  • Community helpers
  • Library (books, resources, etc.)
  • Music
  • Academic topics (PACEs, English, fun with math, etc.)
  • The Bible and science
  • Character traits
  • Praise board (honor student, outstanding citizens)
  • Notable quotes
  • Bible literature

Mid-Range Rewards:

Make a bulletin board complete with a picture and profile of EACH student who earns honor roll. This is a tremendous motivator and incentive for the students.

For more bulletin board ideas, visit our Facebook page to view different boards the schools from around the world have submitted. 

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