Update: New Testament Survey

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4th Edition Updates

A.C.E. is excited to announce the completion of two high school courses!

Fourth Edition World Geography and Biblical Studies: New Testament Survey are complete and available.

Biblical Studies

The full Biblical Studies: New Testament Survey course is available for purchase. These full-color PACEs have been updated and redesigned. Students will read the entire New Testament throughout this course.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Examples of What Your Students Will Learn:

Your students will gain a deep understanding and knowledge of the New Testament. We pray, through their studies, that the Lord may help them grow wiser in His Word.

World Geography

The 4th Edition World Geography PACEs and matching Score Keys are available as well. These PACEs have been revised with updated maps, eye-catching illustrations, and updated information on new and existing countries. 

Please note: These new 4th Edition courses are not compatible with the previous New Testament Survey or World Geography courses.