It is important that students have frequent breaks. Breaks allow students to release built-up energy, rest their eyes, interact with others, develop coordination skills, and lastly, extended break times are great rewards.

learning center break schedule

Privilege Breaks:

Privilege breaks are a great incentive for students. REMEMBER: Privileges are incentives designed to promote learning achievement. Rewards are GREAT motivators!  The normal break time in the morning for students is 10 minutes. Those who earn “A” privilege receive 5 additional minutes (total of 15 minutes), and those on “C” and “E” privilege receive an extra 15 minutes (total of 25 minutes). NOTE: Every student should receive their normal breaks regardless of if they receive privilege status.

Privilege Area:

Designate a special area near the Learning Center (a room, unused hallway, gym, etc.). Equip it with books, table tennis, table games (chess, checkers, puzzles, etc.), and approved CDs and DVDs. The area should be conservatively decorated with comfortable chairs, be well lit, and convey that it is a privilege-status area.

Hourly Schedule:

Students in Levels 9–12 should not be expected to work in their offices more than one hour at a time, Levels 4–8 no more than 45 minutes at a time, Levels 2 and 3 no more than 35 minutes, and Levels K and 1 no more than 25 minutes. Concerning break times with the exception of the first morning break, release “C” level students for their 25-minute break first. Release “A” level students 10 minutes later for their 15-minute break. Students not on privilege status receive a 10-minute break. All students return to their offices at the same time. “E” students have freedom to leave their offices at any time without permission.

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