Accelerated Christian Education

The following are testimonies from lives touched through BLESS!

“The light of Christ has come through the BLESS program on a Philippine island! Thanks to supporters and donors from around the world, the very first BLESS Center in this remote tribal village opened! After 11 weeks of 8 hours of study per day, 13 students successfully graduated from the BLESS program. As the children climbed the stage to receive certificates, their parents attached colorful ribbons to their children's clothing. You could see on the children's faces such pride that nothing as exciting could ever happen to them again. You could see their wide smiles saying, ‘This is it, we made it!’

“With their children now able to read and write, parents hope that this is the beginning toward a brighter future for their children and the next generations to come.”


“The BLESS Center we saw was in a part of the city where poverty, hardship, and spiritual darkness abound. In the midst of these conditions, our hearts were overwhelmed to see a group of children in these difficult circumstances smiling and quoting Scripture verses that they had recently committed to memory. I was reminded of II Timothy 3:15, And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord for BLESS, which penetrates the spiritual darkness of this world with the glorious light of Jesus Christ.”

Greg M.