Accelerated Christian Education

Requests are received daily for help in schools around the world, many of the schools being in countries that have been darkened to the Gospel for centuries. The Educational Assistance program, an outreach of ACEMsm (Accelerated Christian Education Ministries), is helping meet the needs of these schools. Through high school graduates and adults who are willing to serve as Educational Assistants, the light of the Gospel is being spread to children worldwide. Generations are being reached for the cause of Christ!

Both short- and long-term ministry opportunities are available in many countries around the world.

A short-term Educational Assistant is a mature high school graduate or adult who makes a one-year commitment to assist in the Learning Center of a school using Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. Making a commitment of service for one year will change your life as you witness children being transformed through the love of God and His Word.

Opportunities are available for adults who are called to witness long-term for Christ around the world through education. By gaining long-term support, you can minister in a more permanent position as an Educational Assistant helping churches, private groups, and state governments bring about national education reform through the establishment of model A.C.E. Learning Centers.

You can be involved in these life-changing opportunities by committing a year or more to serving overseas. You will be challenged and blessed as the Lord works through your life to shed His light to the nations.