Accelerated Christian Education

It wasn’t always easy, but God has stretched and molded me to reflect more of His likeness. He is always there, ready to give me strength the instant I ask and even before I ask! 

Just by speaking English and by using the A.C.E. program, students already have great tools to serve God as Educational Assistants around the world. There is so much to be gained through this experience, and it will be life-changing if you trust in Him. All people need is to be available to serve God with their lives.

I was just a girl from Australia who wanted to serve God in an overseas school using the A.C.E. program, but God has used that desire to serve Him more than I could have ever imagined or thought.

L.P., Australia

England, like many others, is a nation whose history is steeped in Godly heritage but has lost its Godliness. While in England, Ana began questioning God’s plan for her there and wondered if she was really accomplishing anything. One day she heard a parent of a student say how much England needed missionaries because the hearts of the people have grown cold towards God. After hearing that statement, Ana realized God had bigger plans for her than she had for herself. No matter where He takes her, there is a purpose for her to fulfill.

To summarize, Ana learned: to be dependent on God, to trust Him, not to despise His plans for her, to understand His purposes, to give to others, to receive counsel, not to be ashamed, and to love God more.

A.R., Mexico

Through faith and prayer, God provided the money for my airline ticket, and I was set to travel. I ministered in Spain for 90 days assisting with the ABCs with Ace and Christi program. I had a challenging and wonderful experience serving there. I met many lovely people and experienced the culture of Spain.

This experienced helped me to depend on God, to have faith in Him, and to have patience. My plan was to serve God’s people, and God directed me to Spain. I recommend others consider becoming an Educational Assistant because of the blessing they can be to those in need.

C.C., United States

Educational Assistance is for anyone who feels God leading them to walk the paths not many have walked before. Joanna knew she was being molded by the Potter to become the person He wanted her to be. She hopes to always “keep going” wherever God leads her to GO, no matter where that is! God gives the courage to do anything in His plan. Joanna realized through THIS adventure that God has big plans for those willing to serve Him, larger than anything one can imagine. Just listen when He gives the command to GO!

J.D., United States

Dominican Republic
I learned how to give all of myself to serve others. I learned how to work with my own hands and totally depend on God. I am learning to carry my cross and follow Him because it is not easy to be in a different country without your parents, home, and friends. Educational Assistance is a great experience. It makes you grow up emotionally and spiritually. I’m learning to be different because being a good example will one day make a difference to others. With my life I can change the life of one child. This is a unique experience. I totally recommend being an Educational Assistant. It is challenging in every way.

M.T., Mexico

South Africa
My main responsibility in Africa was to help six children learn to read better. I was THE supervisor. Then my Learning Center of six turned into twenty-three with the help of one monitor! I was able to show my students God’s love through my daily life and in return saw God work in their lives. As a volunteer supervisor of a Learning Center, the payment I received was seeing how my example of God’s love impacts the students. All through the months, God was faithful, and by His grace, He gave me what I needed so I could be what I needed to be to my students. Knowing I made a difference in a child’s life is more than enough payment, and all the glory is to God for counting me worthy. I was also involved in the starting of a youth outreach program in the church I attended. 

So often people our age settle for too little when they could be doing big things for God that take them out—even FAR out—of their comfort zones. When they do, they begin to realize the potential God has placed in their lives to do so much more for Him; this is a step in that direction for me, and it is one that I needed to take to begin realizing all that God wants my life to be.

M.V., Canada

Cook Islands
One BIG problem was getting the money for a plane ticket and all the needs I had on the Island. My parents encouraged me a lot, and our prayer life definitely increased. I needed to raise $2,500 in a month. I changed my dates for flying twice because we did not have the funds. Then by February 14, 2013, I was at Cape Town International Airport ready for take-off (with some extra spending money). GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

M.D., South Africa