Accelerated Christian Education

An area God has showed me that I need to work on is soulwinning. I want to reach out to others, but sometimes it is not easy. But thanks to God, I had the opportunity on the last day of Vacation Bible School to talk to all the children, and seven of them got saved!
Trevor S. – U.S.A.

The thing I liked most about this Service Adventure was that while I was serving the Lord, I had the opportunity to meet teenagers like me who have the same passion to work for the Lord. Sometimes we think we need to be in a church to serve Jesus . . . but we are also serving Him when we are cleaning, teaching the children Scripture verses, and leading them to Christ!
Estefania H. – Mexico

The devotion times with my team were such a blessing. It was wonderful to hear others share thoughts, struggles, and spiritual victories that were often my exact thoughts! I was challenged to stop relying on my own strength and step out of my comfort zone to do something great for God. I learned that I need to be more proactive in my service. Instead of waiting for opportunities, I should be looking for them. I learned that God is interested in and has an amazing plan for my life. Before the trip, I wanted all the answers about my future. Now I see that God has given me everything I need for each day. My responsibility is to trust and be patient, because I can only see a tiny speck of God's big picture!
Sarah B. – U.S.A.

I believe God wants His children to be constant, even if we sometimes do not see the fruits or products of our work immediately. When I had heard how Pastor Bowling had already worked with the Navajo people for 20 years before one of them gave his life to Christ, I was surprised. God is calling every one of us to be faithful in the little things, and in His perfect time He will place big things in our hands. Although two weeks may seem short, I believe the seeds that were planted in each heart will grow and bring forth fruit.
Linda V. – Puerto Rico

"Awesome" is how I would describe my experience with the 2011 Navajo Nation Service Adventure! Working and ministering to the children, learning to build offices, and getting to know the other students were my favorite things about Service Adventure. I did not realize I would also learn some things about myself that I thought I already knew. God taught me that being a willing servant meant I had to be patient, have a compassionate heart, and have a joyful spirit. I learned that hard work can be fun and rewarding at the same time.
Raja J. – U.S.A.

The thing I liked most about the Service Adventure is the fellowship with Christian young people and the way the Service Adventure stretches you to be all you can be for God. I learned firsthand how difficult it can be to lead and where I was lacking in the area of leadership. I learned how to deal with personalities that were different than mine and to take responsibility for things that had never occurred to me before. I learned how to be more observant, to see what needs to be done and to determine how to do it, even when it seems impossible. I learned a lot about myself from my team and my leaders.
Jessica N. – U.S.A.

The things I liked most about Service Adventure were the devotions and the teamwork. One thing I learned in devotions is that no task is too small. God uses the little things to prepare us for the next chapter. We need to be faithful in the little things. During this Service Adventure, God used me to lead a little girl to Him. This was my first soulwinning experience, and it was really good. I thank God for that.
Ana L. – Mexico

The thing I liked most about the Service Adventure was working with people from different places. It was a blessing to see how the people in New Mexico were blessed with everything we did there. Also, I was very blessed by the leaders, because they care for each participant. They really made this trip a blessing!
Karen C. – Mexico