Unscreened Personnel Web Postings

Below are unscreened personnel desiring positions in ministries using the A.C.E. curriculum. The personnel listed are unscreened, and postings are a free courtesy. Accelerated Christian Education does not recommend or endorse any individual.

If you would like to add a post to this page, please email your information to A.C.E. Personnel. Submissions are subject to A.C.E. Personnel approval. Once approved, the posting will be processed and edited. The position is listed for 90 days from the date of posting unless A.C.E. is notified by email to remove it. If a submission has not been approved for posting, you will be notified by the email provided. Please allow up to 3 business days for the information to be approved and posted.

  1. Name: Stephanie Kauffman
    Position Desired: